This experience was too heartbreaking not to share.

This is for anyone out there who still hasn’t planned their estate (and maybe those of you who need updates).

I recently met with a potential client.  Let’s call her Nadia.  Nadia had been in a long-term relationship wi...

I’ll be honest with you.  I can’t answer that question here.

Now, before you give up on me, let me explain why.

Estate Planning can be very simple or very complex.  How simple or complex your Estate Planning Needs to be depends on a large number of factors.

A basic, non-n...

In a word, yes.

Everyone needs an Estate Plan. 

Yet, only about forty percent of Americans have a Will, and an even smaller number of people have a full estate plan. 

What your Estate Plan needs to include, however, depends on your specific situation.  There are a number...

What exactly is Probate, and why is it important that you understand?

Probate actually has two meanings in the law.  First, probate refers to the process of submitting a Will to a court with jurisdiction and asking that court to determine that the Will is valid.  Second...

Establishing a Living Trust can have a lot of advantages.  This article will discuss a few of the advantages that having a Living Trust can provide.  Let’s jump right in:

  • Avoiding Probate

I provide a short description of the probate process on my website, her...

Believe it or not, a simple Will is a very powerful document.  With a Will, you can:

  • Designate beneficiaries to inherit assets after you die, including beneficiaries who would not normally inherit your assets under the laws of your state;

  • Disinherit an heir;

  • ...

If you want a legal definition, Black’s Law Dictionary says that a Trust is “an equitable or beneficial right or title to land or other property, held for the beneficiary by another person, in whom resides the legal title or ownership, recognized and enforced by courts...

“Advanced Healthcare Directive” is a strange phrase, but what does it mean?

The short and simple answer is that it is a document that allows you to designate people to make healthcare decisions for you if you can’t make them yourself, and allows you to let people know w...

It might sound odd coming from an Estate Planning Attorney, but I’ll say it:

Not everybody needs a Will.

Having said that, there are some good reasons why you should consider whether you need a Will.

  1. You have minor children:  One really good reason to have a Will is i...

When is the right time to think about Estate Planning?  Are there certain life events that should make you think about creating, or updating, an Estate Plan?

The short answer:  There is no wrong time to think about your Estate Plan.  

However, there are certain...

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