I’ll be honest with you.  I can’t answer that question here.

Now, before you give up on me, let me explain why.

Estate Planning can be very simple or very complex.  How simple or complex your Estate Planning Needs to be depends on a large number of factors.

A basic, non-n...

In a word, yes.

Everyone needs an Estate Plan. 

Yet, only about forty percent of Americans have a Will, and an even smaller number of people have a full estate plan. 

What your Estate Plan needs to include, however, depends on your specific situation.  There are a number...

What exactly is Probate, and why is it important that you understand?

Probate actually has two meanings in the law.  First, probate refers to the process of submitting a Will to a court with jurisdiction and asking that court to determine that the Will is valid.  Second...

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